Finding Other Boomers Traveling & Writing About Their Voyages
By Doris Gallan
It’s not often that we run into other Boomers who’ve chucked it all to travel the world and then wrote a book about it—just like we did—and so I have to introduce you to author Wayne Dunlap and wife and travel buddy Pat Allen.
My first impression of Wayne’s book, Plan Your Escape, was how similar his story was to mine and how his content mirrored that of my own book (The Boomers' Guide To Going Abroad To Travel*Live*Give*Learn). The subtitle also attracted me as it’s something I’d been communicating through my talks and readings: “Secrets of Traveling the World for Less Than the Cost of Living at Home.”
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Mar. 10th: Don't put your keys in checked luggage. Keep them in your carry-on in case your bags get lost. Boomer Bonus Tip: Once you’re at your destination, you can put them at the bottom of your suitcase rather than in your day pack where they’re less likely to be stolen or lost.
Mar. 11th: It's fall in Chile & a great time to visit the vineyards: Boomer Bonus Tip: Chilean wines have won many world prizes and you may discover a whole range of new vintners for your cellar.
Mar. 12th: Find the most inexpensive parking lots for many U.S. cities at
Mar. 13th: Check for alternative accommodations, a place of your own or a room in someone's home. Boomer Bonus Tip: With accommodations usually taking up half the cost of your voyage, it pays to look to different types of lodgings.
Mar. 14th: Locals know best when it comes to street carts: follow them for good, cheap food and eat what they eat.
Mar. 15th: Follow locals on festival days to discover where to eat, what to do, where to go.
Mar. 16th: Ask for hotel rooms nearer to the elevator to avoid long, dark hallways. Boomer Bonus Tip: This is especially important for women traveling alone and in big cities.
There’s nothing like a festival to enjoy the culture of a foreign land. Set out early and follow families to the local parks or community gathering spots where music, dance, food and entertainment bring everyone together.
It’s worthwhile reading up about the meaning behind the festivities, the colors and foods before the big day to better appreciate the symbolism. If possible, accompany a resident who can explain what’s going on and teach you more as you enjoy the unusual goings on.
Iguazu Falls 

Iguazu Falls, known as Foz do Iguaçu on the Brazilian side of this magnificent waterscape, offers spectacular views that leave no doubt in the viewer's mind as to why these are listed along with Niagara and Victoria on most top ten list of the world's waterfalls that must be seen.
Along with watching millions of gallons of water going over the precipice, visitors can hike trails, and view unusual wildlife such as the coati (see photo) and beautiful butterflies of many colors.


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Iguazu Falls
Finding Other Boomers Traveling
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The Next 20 Years of Air Travel
from Amanda Rogers/Fox News
In a report issued last week, the Federal Aviation Administration predicted that air travel will effectively double over the next 20 years - the number of people taking to the skies in 2012 is estimated at 732 million, skyrocketing to 1.2 billion by 2032.
The number of miles those passengers fly will grow from 815 billion this year to 1.57 trillion in the same time frame. Growth will be slowed in the next five years by an uncertain worldwide economy, especially in the Euro zone. However, from there on out air travel is expected to take off (no pun intended). See what the FAA has to say about where we’re going and how much we’ll pay to get there.
Read the complete story on:
Fox Business News.

Finding Other Boomers Traveling & Writing About Their Voyages
continued from above
Anytime someone has lived a life that many only dream of and then writes a book to help others share in that same lifestyle, well, I just have to help promote it. And Wayne makes it so easy by providing a lot of information that will make newcomers to the world of travel more comfortable taking those first baby steps into adventure.
The author starts by assuring readers that now is the time to get started rather than “waiting for someday” and writes eloquently about how travel can improve our lives. I like that he covers the benefits of traveling as well as those of living elsewhere as many Boomers consider this alternate lifestyle rather than taking a series of trips.
Of course, much of the book deals with how traveling or living abroad can be cheaper than living at home and, having experienced this for myself for five years, I can vouch for it. The cost of accommodations and food is so much cheaper in much of the world—I’ll exclude Europe, Japan and high-end resort areas—that it’s possible to live for as little as 25 to 50 percent of what you spend at home.
Wayne also gives instructions on finding travel bargains during the off season, how to negotiate with vendors, finding local deals, and using public transportation to save money. His other tips cover staying healthy and safe, packing light, paying bills while away, communications, photography, and being a good traveler. He even includes a step-by-step guide to prepare for your big adventure—a handy tool that might motivate dreamers to become doers.
You can find more information and buy Wayne’s book on his website:  
Follow him on Twitter or on Facebook.

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